Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sooner Rather Than Later & the Party

Sooner Rather Than Later
When I started the blog on my birthday, my husband was looking for a new position.  There was the thought that we might have to move.  Well the move happened, and we have made the relocation to Miami Florida.

After the initial shock I was determined to not let go of everything in the craft room that meant first finding a place big enough to support my stuff, and second, realign my priorities in my craft room cleanup.  I put my husband in charge of looking for a home.  I must say he did a fantastic job.  Although smaller, I still have a shared office/craft room.  I now have to share a desk, but with the addition of IPads for both of us, my husband is rarely at the desk. 

The Party –
In October, when it was decided we would make the move, I reviewed my inventory.  There is a lot of stuff that I probably will never get around to using.  Every year I get together with my Girl Scout leader friends for a crafting camping trip.  What better way to use up supplies, and ensure that so much goes to a home that will use it up.

I set up our annual trip this year to camp (sleepover) at my house.  What an awesome weekend that was, me and 6 of my best friends, my daughter fresh home from 3 months in Germany (we actually picked her up half way through the party) and 2 of her friends.  It was so much fun.  A few ladies brought some supplies, but the general idea was, we had to use my supplies.  I went through the closet and room – brought so much downstairs.  I had several chipboard album pages, so I asked each person to decorate a page, took pictures of us, and now I have a keepsake of my friends and the good times we had.  We decorated frames with paint and Girl Scout swaps and added more pictures.  We decorated tiles.  I made a magical crown for my daughter, and we decorated welcome home signs. There were lots more things that I put out to use, and after my first couple glasses of sangria, I’m not sure what everyone made. 

My friends know I always had a rule, that if there was left over food after a camping trip, I never brought it home, it was split among them.  I applied the same rule to the supplies at this event.  So by the end of the weekend I no longer had my flowers, polymer clay, clay machine, a whole bunch of paper, and so much other stuff that I had cleaned out.

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  1. The party sounds like fun. Oh and the sangria an added bonus. ;)