Sunday, August 26, 2012


I figure I have enough basic supplies to keep me crafting for 3-5 years without buying anything other than small bits and pieces needed to complete a project.  To be added to as I clean out the crafts and figure out what I have.

Mardi Gras/Gaspirilla Beads                Fat Quarters                                Vintage Zippers
Buttons                                             Thread                                         Floss
Felt                                                   Fabric Paint                                 Acrylic Paint
Paint Canvas                                     Cross Stitch Fabric                       Sand
Shells                                              Driftwood                                     Coral
Sea Glass                                         Mosaic glass/tile                          Paper – all kinds
Chinese paper                                   Card stock, plain and patterned      Origami
Dollhouse stuff                                   Ribbon                                         Beads           
Wire                                                 Fimo                                             Charms 
Glass sun catcher pendants                Stamps                                        Stickers
Ink                                                   Magazines                                   Silk flowers
T-Shirts                                            Corks                                           Wooden plaques
Yarn                                                 Soap making                                Lots of kits


Sewing Machine
Paint Brushes
Basic tools – pliers, small drill, hammer, screw drivers
Knifty Knitter looms
Knitting needles, Crochet hooks
Bead loom
Lots of books
2 Ott lights
Ziplocks all sizes, lots of boxes, all sizes
Clay roller (pasta machine)

Projects in the works

  • Scrapbooks – I really would like to organize all photos, including digital, and start scrapbooking again.  Maybe make photo books.  
  • Greeting cards 
  • Annual Christmas book – is it a craft or a writing project – all I know is that I am on the 2nd 25 years of family Christmas book, and I am several years behind.  I want to bring it up to date and give to hubby as Christmas present
  • Various cross stitch projects
  • Magazine purse –I have all the chains made, I just need to try my hand at sewing them together.  Make a commitment for 4 rows.  If I like it, wont be hard to finish.  If I don’t ditch it.
  • Shell garland – for the bathroom
  • Christmas Ornaments - all kinds, beaded, cross stitch, digital photo, frames

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  1. Wow. I'm impressed with your inventory list. I do go through my supplies regularly and re-organize, etc but I've never made a list like this. It would probably be helpful to keep handy when shopping though. Great idea!