Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Plan

I am fortunate to have a very large room including walk in closet and vanity to house and work on all my craft supplies.  My craft room also doubles as my home office, so the desk can get extremely cluttered.  I also have a very bad habit of not finishing what I start, and combine that with being a visual person, my room is a mess.  

I am interested in so many different crafting mediums, and I have to have all the tools.    The kids are in college, and we are thinking that we may downsize our home in the not to distant future.  I don't want to give up my craft stuff without a fight.  So I need to have a plan.

It's the day before my 49th birthday.  And I've decided to write about my journey to clean out my craft room.  Not by just putting it away, or getting rid of stuff, but by using my stash.

The starting point - incriminating photos.  This represents most of the supplies - I'll save you from the under and on top of the desk and the floor stash.

The Plan
  •  Figure out if there is a craft style that I truly love and would be able to take with me to a smaller home
  •  Complete craft projects – or dispose
  • Use up my stash
  • Make stuff for me & our house. I have so many artsy craftsy things that others have made for me, but very little that I have done.
  • Make stuff for family and friends
  •  Make stuff just to use up the product and then try to sell it
  • Give away supplies for things I don’t like doing
  • Rule #1 Put away everything at the end of the day – that means I probably need to clear off a shelf right away so I have some place to put unfinished project
  • Rule #2 Purchase only what is needed to complete a project like adhesive – OK I have an exception.  If while on my travels, I find something that I gotta have
    • The craft has to either be a complete kit
    • Must be something for me
    • Must fit in with my themes for my house
  • Rule #3  Always bring a project when I travel, these are where all my kits come in handy


  1. I love the last photo of your paper I need some racks like that. And, those shelves to the right are really cool looking.

    ~j3ss1ca (SB)

  2. Yeah its difficult to sort everything out but you have to have loads of supplies so you have choice-at least thats my excuse for buying more stuff!!

  3. I love those racks! It almost looks like a craft store! ~ Washi (SwapBot)